The Evolution Of Music (1400 B.C. – 2017)

The Evolution Of Music (1400 B.C. – 2017)

For this video I have selected the most important or relevant musical works across the history, basing on their cultural contribution or commercial success. There are some aspects that you should know before seeing the video:

-The dates of the songs previous to the 19th century are approximations.

– The songs previous to the 20th century are adaptations realized as faithful as possible.

– I have not selected the most popular songs of every year according to the musical lists of every country, I have selected those that the people consider more famous and recognized.

– If you are wondering why the video is so long, the reason is that I wanted to compile a big number of songs to do a video that reflects the evolution of the music in the best possible way.

– I know that I have forgotten a lot of important songs, so feel free to mention them in the comments section to expand the video content.

– I made this video in order to collect the most important songs of history in one place, and for people who watch this video can discover new music that perhaps did not know.

This is gonna be a long ride through the history of music, so take a sit and enjoy.

Thanks for watching!