The Evolution of Music

The Evolution of Music

_This video is made to give us a perspective of how the music has evolved and perfected_

Music Eras:

-The Music Origins: 00:11
-The Medieval Music: 02:01
-The Reanaissance Music: 03:34
-The Baroque Music: 04:16
-The Clasical Music: 05:30
-The Romantic Music: 06:03
-The Modernism and Popular Music: 07:21

Some old songs are recordings that are not on Youtube.
There are some tunes before 1400 BC (Hurrian hymns) , like the Aboriginal Songlines or some Sumerian tunes.
I have not included these because there aren’t reliable adaptations.
Many musical genres have not appeared (20th century).
I have only put the most recognizable themes.
This is not a list of all the genres that have appeared during the last decades.
The earliest evidence of polyphonic music was found in the 9th century.
I have been very present the audience of some songs in Youtube (1990-2016).
Even when Youtube did not exist.

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