Musicians Who Died Right At The Peak Of Their Fame

Musicians Who Died Right At The Peak Of Their Fame

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Let’s face it: Musicians don’t exactly have the most dangerous jobs on the planet. In fact, the most perilous problems musicians usually encounter are high stages, late nights and grouchy sound technicians. Despite this, the passings of great musicians are often highly publicized and deeply traumatic to the wider cultural community. But these don’t come from mid-gig accidents or health and safety fiascos, they come from overdoses, car crashes, shootings and other off-stage disasters. It may not be the riskiest job out there, but there can be little doubt that there’s something about the lives of musicians that seems to invite tragedy…

The mystery of Biggie Smalls | 0:36
Janis Joplin succumbs to addiction | 1:20
N.W.A. loses its heart | 1:54
A second wind cut short | 2:34
Country’s messiah, brought down by drink | 3:27
The end of Redding’s revolution | 4:10
The shooting of Sam Cooke | 4:51

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