Metal genres and genres connected with metal (180 Genres)

Metal genres and genres connected with metal (180 Genres)

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Metal Genres and Genres that have influenced his creating (180 Genres !!!).

1. Genres.
180 Genres, Subgenres, Fusiongenres and Regional Styles !!!

2. Credibility.
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And many, many others sites + own knowledge.

3. Information.
Brief informations about the subgenres.

4. Author’s message:
Metal music is my passion, though I have to admit that I do not like every subgenres of metal. I’ve devoted a lot of weeks to creating this movie …. I hope you enjoy it …. If you like this video recommend him to other friends.

Subgenres that influenced the formation of metal:
Metal, his subgenres and Metallic Genres from: 4:02

Subgenres that do not differ from the main genre of music only lyrical layer is other. Don’t count…..
So Christian Metal, NSBM and Unblack Metal are off. RABM has music influences of Crust Punk.

Power Rock (00:07)
Agressive Punk (01:37)
Classic and Primary Metal (04:02)
Dark Music + Metal (07:58)
Folklore Music + Metal (09:28)
Massive and Slow Metal (12:47)
Fast and Agressive Metal (15:11)
Extreme Metallic Punk (21:49)
Very Massive and Very Slow Metal (24:32)
Very Brutal Metal (29:39)
Very Raw Metal (36:36)
Extreme Fast Genres (43:48)
Modern Metallic Genres (48:38)
Comercial Modern Metal (51:39)
Electronic Music + Metal (52:51)

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